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Sep 22

Bodie – Ghost town.

America’s lands have been famous not only for their unique beauty but also for their deposits of gold. Gold mining in America has started from the beginning of 19-th century. And in each era it was mined it’s own way , and the infrastructure built around the mines were different from one generation to another.

One of such gold mines was Bodie town, located in California , on a highly elevated (more than 2500m) area in Sierra Nevada mountain range. The history starts from a mining camp that discovered gold in 1859. Then several years later there was found a profitable deposit of gold and that was the time when Bodie became a boomtown.

By 1879 it had a population of 5000-7000 people. Mining in Bodie lasted till 1913 , and by then most of the miners moved to other locations so the town was populated only with families that decided to stay in Bodie instead of moving to other mining towns.

Eventually it became a ghost town , and now days it’s a historic park with it’s extraordinary shape and abandoned houses, rusty cars and petrol stations, carts and even sledges.


Most of the houses were locked, but there were few with open doors , so you could let yourself in and see the interior of the house.




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