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Sep 21

Bonneville Salt Flats

If you are a speed fan or at least a car enthusiast you probably heard about Nurburgring or Monza or Silverstone, now those are race tracks in Europe and in Europe cars are mostly going in corners, but in America it’s a bit different, they go straight most of the time. Now that may sound boring but only not in Bonneville. Here at Bonneville Salt Flats people set world land speed records in their custom build rocket shaped super cars. But it’s not only streamliners that are racing here, there are many categories and classes including motorcycles and electric vehicles that are racing against each other maxing out their whole potential.

There are few tracks here and the longest one is 7 miles and because it’s so long you can’t actually see the other end, because the track is following the curvature of the earth.


There are mile markers on both sides of the track so you will know where the runway ends and when to hit the brakes.

Before sowing up to Bonneville I checked the schedule of events and unfortunately there was nothing major happening that day I arrived, but luckily there was a private event and I had a chance to see some racing vehicles.
Most remarkable one was this Speed Demon.



I was making those photos when a woman approached me and started telling me details about this vehicle. Now this is one of the things that I really liked in americans that they are very open and talkative people, I was really curious about how fast it goes and what kind of engine does it have etc… but I didn’t wanted to disturb anyone from the crew as they were really busy , but this woman was so kind to share herself and I was delighted to find out that this monster made 439 mph that day ! It’s 707.5 km/h ! Using a V8 engine ! unbelievable speed !

Here is the video of it doing 462mph !

It’s a shame I didn’t see it , they’ve been actually changing the engine to 4 cylinder one to have a run next day.


Then there was this one with flames on the body and a label that says Gear Grinder, I thought it’s the name of the vehicle but it appears to be some sort of club of speed addicts.


It had a Suzuki motorcycle engine and they reached 200mph that day. Great achievement I reckon for a car with a motorcycle engine.
There were several more boxes where I suppose were also some racing vehicles but they were not visible from the outside so I kept out from them. And some of them were already packing as it was end of the racing day.












And finally on my way back I had a run with my own car maxing out till 100mph, it’s not much but I was running out of runway so this was all this car was capable of 🙂


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