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Sep 13

Monument Valley

Arizona and Utah share this valley of greatness and beauty of Navajo Nation Reservation. There is a group of huge mesas and buttes of red rock that are surrounded by desert. Each one of them has it’s own name and is shaped uniquely and all together they create the view which is quite familiar from lot’s of movies posters etc. And it’s not only the rocks that create this wonder, but also the road that takes you from one state to another. Some people confuse it with Route 66 but in fact its’s Route 163, I’m sure all of you seen this at least in some American movie.

One of such movies is Forest Gump and the spot on the first photo is the exact place where Forest Gump has ended his cross country run.

I have reached Monument Valley visitor center just before sunset, there is parking space an from the left side of it there is nice view of 3 monuments.

There were lot of people with tripods and massive cameras shooting this view and then someone from the back yelled heey look over there , and there was this beautiful red sky with clouds on the right side, where are 2 more monuments of smaller size. Then everyone picked up their tripods and cameras, and ran to the other part of the parking space to make shots.

I have stayed there to have some rest and to make more photos in the morning.
And again as it was at Grand Canyon , at 6am there was already huge amount of people gathered to see the sunrise. It was brilliant !

Then I drove from there to Arches National Park, but on my way there were other attractions that I could not pass by like those beautiful horses in the valley. With the background of Monuments they remind me those Marlboro commercials.

And again I could not leave this great view of Valley Drive.

There was a guy with Triumph motorcycle so I asked him to take a picture of it on the road, this is so cool !

These two guys are called Navajo Twins

And there was this old Buick near twins.

And another rusty one.

Along my route there was this place called Mexican Hat, the name comes form this mexican sombrero shaped rock.

Every time I see such vast rocks created by the nature in shape of something created by humans it leaves me speechless. I just want to look at it endlessly from different angles.

I’v seen many horses along the route, when I was stopping on the road to shoot them they’ve been ignoring me and just keep eating their grass, I had to make horse noises to draw their attention and to capture them.

Next stop is Arches National Park.

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  1. Pavel Horak on Facebook
    September 13, 2012

    Cool pictures man, thumbs up

  2. Thanks ! 🙂

  3. Анна
    September 13, 2012

    Миша привет! Твои фото-СУПЕР!!! не просто, а реально СУПЕР!!! Талантище:) Мне Дима присылает ссылки на твои фото с твоих путешествий. Я В ВОСТОРГЕ!!!! Все фото очень интересные.

    • Michael Bartikyan
      September 13, 2012

      Спасибо 🙂 это места такие красивые , я только снимаю 🙂

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