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Sep 23

Golden Gate Bridge

lden Gate Bridge is one of the most recognized symbols of San Francisco and America in general. With it’s unique color and shape it can’t be mixed up with any other bridge. It was built in 1937 and it’s more than 2km in length. Originally painted with red lead primer it’s maintained by 38 painters to touch up corroded spots. During first 4 days of my stay in San Francisco it was shrouded with fog constantly, and it revealed it’s beauty on the 5-th day and we rushed there with my cousin on bikes.
First stop at Fort Point.

Then we crossed the bridge and stopped at Vista Point on the way to Sausalito.

Then we cycled all the way to Sausalito which is a small and very beautiful place, I will post some photos of it in one of next articles.
We took a ferry back to San Francisco and it was passing next to Alcatraz, I could see it from close distance but unfortunately I didn’t had enough time to take a tour there, maybe next time.
On the right side you could see the Golden Gate again.

Golden Gate is brilliant in any time of the day, even if it’s partially in fog it looks really nice.
I took other shots in following days form different angles and locations, I really like the view from those cliffs near Baker Beach, which is by the way considered a nude beach, but that’s not what I was after 🙂


Another day from North Vista Point.

I came back to Baker Beach cliffs for evening shots again as last time my battery died just after sunset so here we go fully charged.

And some night sots too.

I will dedicate my next post to Bay Bridge which is also really nice and during the evening hours it looks really great with skyline of San Francisco downtown.

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