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Sep 10

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon was one of the most desired places I wanted to visit, and my expectations were really high, I have reached there around 5pm when the sun was going down and spreading a warm light over the canyon , I rushed there desperate to see the canyon for the firs time, and this was just breathtaking ! I froze for a minute with my camera in my hands and I was gasped with this beautiful beautiful view ! Then I stared making shots and here is the first thing that I have captured there.
There are plenty of points along the Grand Canyon and each one of them has a name, the one I was shooting from was called Mather Point. After that one I walked over few others, but the darkness came quick enough so I gathered all my gear and went back to have a rest.
Here are some of photos that I made before dusk.
At sunset.

I decided to stay there at night and sleep in a car, there was a great sky with Milky Way after few hours and I went back to the canyon to make night shots of the sky.
Sunrise was at 6am so after sleeping few hours in car I rushed to find a free spot , because people started gathering there at 5am already !
Here comes the sun 🙂
There were many elks around the place, this one was just walking among people near parking place.
Overall it’s very well organized there, there are routes to different view points, you can drive, cycle or take a shuttle bus to reach them, some routes can be taken only by bus, so I made a circle through several view points.
Colorado river.

I have finished with south rim of Grand Canyon but this was not it, there is yet another place that bugled my mind and it’s a river bend called Horse Shoe
So I drove about 1,5 hrs to that place , but I could not resist to stop on the way and shoot other views that I was facing on my way, the time was short because I had to make it till 6pm at least when the sun light is still there. So I had to drive a bit faster than usual and sometimes even shoot while driving, I made few stops though as there were some amazing hills and rocky mountains.
And finally I made it to my destination the Horse Shoe !

The view of a valley.


My next destination is Zion National Park.

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