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Sep 26

14hrs of New York

My plane has landed at JFK Airport at 6am, and next flight to Prague was at 8pm so I had 14hrs to see New York. It took me a while till I figured out how to get to Manhattan and the best way was to take subway. I have decided to start from Brooklyn Bridge and I took the line that was passing near the Bridge. It was a long way with plenty of stops, it took me like 50 min to get there from the airport. So here we are at High st, which is 5 min walking distance from the bridge.

The weather was not the best that day, total overcast, nevertheless I was cheering up myself that it would get better eventually, but that never happened.

So finally the Brooklyn Bridge

It leads you straight to lower Manhattan, and here I am in the center of this enormously big city.
Full people and cars, busy streets and lot of construction around. Especially close to New World Trade Center that is built in high rates.

This is Tower One of the new World Trade Center, from the corner of Broadway and Ann street. The exterior of building is almost done as well as few other new buildings.

Wall Street

I wanted to visit 9/11 Ground Zero memorial so I took the metro to get there. The memorial is right in the middle of construction zone of New WTC so the area is fenced, you have to go through security check, scanning and stuff to get behind the fence.

Jesus is King.

Those 2 photos I made on Liberty Street, and right behind me there was this bronze memorial wall sculpture that was reflecting the whole horror of 9/11, images of fire brigade and burning WTC, there was this saying on the wall:

Dedicated to those who fell and to those who carry on – May we never forget.

I didn’t wanted to make a photo of it, as it was really sad…
After going through security check I got to 9/11 Memorial where the twin towers used to be. Now there are those 2 square waterfall pools surrounded with bronze parapets with engraved names.

And again this whole place made me feel really sad, when you think how many people lost their beloved ones here and others who tried to save their life from imminent death.

There is this tree at the Memorial park which is called “Survivor Tree”, originally planted at WTC site in 1970 this tree was recovered from the rubble of WTC and re-planted in park in the Bronx. The tree survived and it was brought back to WTC site and was planted there again. They used straps to support the tree till it’s roots will grow deeper.

Ok enough of sadness and black and white photos, let’s bring some colors to this post !
According to the plan there will be 7 new towers and my opinion is they will be awesome and the skyline of NY will shine again with 7 new diamonds. Here is how it’s gona look like.

After WTC I headed to Times Square. It was full of people, NY Cabs, lights and illumination. Compared to other American cities NY is a total chaos, people cross the streets wherever they want whenever they want, totally ignoring the traffic lights, but after a while you get used to it and then it starts to make sense when you realize the sheer size of the city. It will take you ages to get from one place to another if you stop at each and every traffic light. And drivers are tolerating it too so it’s a 2 way street 🙂

Weed guy.

Naked Cowboy.

NYC Yellow cabs.

From Times Square I headed to 5-th Avenue and walked to Empire State Building.
The interior of building is made of marble, and it feels really massive and heavy.
There is an open observation deck on 86-th floor and getting there was a challenge, 3 elevators and lot’s of queuing , but it’s totally worth it when you eventually see this view !

View of Lower Manhattan from Empire State Building.

5-th Avenue.

Another amazing piece of architecture in New York is Flatiron or Fuller building. Built in 1902 it was one of the tallest buildings in the city and is a true icon of New York City.

Although I had 14 hrs to spend in NY it was only enough to explore the Lower Manhattan, time was running very fast and I had to move slowly towards metro station at 53str that would take me back to JFK Airport. Heavily congested city was becoming a one big traffic jam so I had an advantage of using the metro. And it was just near the famous Radio City Music Hall where I had to take my train.

So that was it, my trip to America was over with this great city.
I have to say that in the beginning I was not so impressed with New York. Probably because I’ve seen it mostly in movies where it looks truly amazing, then I was kind of comparing it to San Francisco that charmed me so much. But while I was writing this article and recalling all those sites of NY I have to admit that this is a special place and I need another trip back there to fully comprehend it. Half a day is for sure not enough, and there are so many places that I could not visit like Central Park, or Liberty Island. So this gives me a good reason to come back here again !

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    November 13, 2012

    Mik jan, as always amazing…

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    September 06, 2013

    awsome !!!

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