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Jun 05

Prague Floods, June 2013

I woke up earlier than usual, though it was late May I found some winter clothes and put them on, got out on time, changed two buses and three trams to get to work and was late for an hour but still not fired? That’s flood. It has been raining cats and dogs for the last three weeks.

Nasty weather, bad mood for everyone. I do not remember things to be so severe since I moved to Czech Republic seven years ago. Vltava River – a repeatedly flooding river, which caused huge troubles ten years ago covering the whole Old Town of Prague, Prague Zoo and villages with water.

All the people living there had to leave their homes, shops and offices for several months and come back finding everything damaged and out of order. This year Prague has been more ready for the flood, though again the subway, some streets, bridges have been closed, and people have been relocated again. Today, the water levels have begun to drop, but still the overall situation in country remains critical.




Closure of metro and several streets in the city caused colossal traffic jams in the city center.


Kampa Museum under water:










Czech Military was busy with food delivery to the police.

“You want some ketchup with your sandwich pane ?” 🙂












It was first time I saw Charles Bridge to be closed, again police was patrolling there , and an excavator was used to route some house wrecks that were smashing the bridge.











In the end of the day we saw some rays of light and the fact that it was not raining today gives us a hope that the worst is left behind.




Edited by: Seda Stepanyan

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